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July 31, 2012 Gaming

XBox Cheats eBook

xbox cheat

This e-Book contains 1000s of cheats, guides, codes and much more for the Microsoft Xbox.

Various point multipliers:

To get the most out of the points allocated at the end of the levels try using these helpful hints.
“The night of the jackal” when the jackal is standing in front of the crane once she is nearly dead, do the fallowing:

Go to the right hand side of the room and press the green flashing button this knocks her into the big vat of hot stuff and kills her without wasting ammo and health.

When playing the Jackal,  when you are trying to reach the apartment use the Q-Claw to reach up onto the snipers balcony pick up his gun and this provides something to snipe men with and gives you a bonus points at the end of the level.

Disable Lasers:

On the level Bad Diplomacy Go up to the blue floor lasers and put on the q specs. You’ll see a tiny door. Open it and use q laser on the wires to disable them.

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XBox Cheats
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