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Bruce lee
Bruce lee
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Martial Arts by Bruce Lee

The Martial Arts by Bruce Lee

Martial Arts

Martial Arts


Great eBooks on Bruce Lee’s Martial Arts Training Secrets.

Every martial artist would like to know how and what made Bruce Lee such a devastating fighter.

Even though a lot of people associated with Bruce Lee or many claimed to have trained him or trained with him.

I can safely say that not many of them were privileged to his secret training method

What is speed in fighting? Is it the velocity of your hands, feet or body movement? Or are there other, prevalent essentials in a good fighter?

What is a good fighter?

A good fighter is one who can hit his opponent quicker, harder, without much perceptible effort, and yet avoid being hit.

He doesn’t only possess a pair of fast hands and feet and quick body movement, but he has other qualities such as non-telegraphic moves, good coordination, perfect balance and keen awareness.

Although some people are endowed with a few of these qualities, most of these attributes are developed through hard training.

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All the strength or power you have developed from your training is wasted if you are slow and can’t make contact.

Power and speed go hand-in-hand. A fighter needs both to be successful.

One immediate way to increase your speed at impact is to “snap” or “whip” your hand just before contact.

It is the same principle as the overhand throw. For example, if you throw a baseball with a full swing and snap your wrist at the last moment or the tail end of your swing, the ball will have more velocity than without the snap.

Naturally, the longer swing with a snap will have more acceleration at the end than a shorter swing with a snap.

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Martial Arts
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