Cocktail Recipes
November 20, 2012 Food & Drink

Great cocktail recipes – gin, vodka, rum, champagne, wines, etc.

One Touch Studio presents the Drink & Cocktail Recipes application, which provides more than 3500 recipes for drinks and cocktails. If you have alcohol, beverages, fruits and other ingredients and consider what you can make, then this application is perfect for you!

Drink & Cocktails Recipes application contains the following features:

Drink & Cocktails Recipes application contains the following features:

★ Cocktail Recipes Collections ★

Carefully crafted collections of drinks and cocktails that would fit into different occasions. From drinks that would liven up the party, to cocktails for special occasions and company events, this application will provide you with all the options you need.

★ Top-Rated Drinks & Cocktails ★
A list of the most highly rated recipes that, if mastered, will make you and your parties all the more interesting.

★ Full list of recipes ★
The full list of all 3500+ recipes in the application. The application offers you the possibility to search by different categories and keywords so that you find the recipe that fits your needs the best.

★ Detailed recipe information ★
Each recipe contains detailed information, from taste and color to detailed instructions on how to make it on your own. These instructions come in the form of step by step text and video tutorial.

★ Favorites ★
The application allows you to select your favorite drinks and cocktails so they are always easily accessible to you when you want to create them.

★ Shopping Lists ★
If you are planning on making more than one drink or cocktail, the application allows you to create a shopping list. All necessary ingredients will be displayed so that you can keep track of what you have to buy.

★ Nearby Shops ★
When you are missing some ingredients for your recipes, the application will help you find the nearest shops where you can buy these ingredients. This feature will require your permission to get your current location.

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Cocktail Recipes
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